Monday, 12 September 2022

Demo 3 Teaser


Teaser screenshots of an area in Demo 3, coming soon!

In the meantime,
Try out the enhanced second demo at

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Dev Log #40 - Goodbye Demo 2, Hello Demo 3!

 Hello everyone!

Today is the release for the final version of Demo 2 (v2.8.5), which means that after today there won't be any updates to it since I'm now shifting focus to the third and final demo.

This final update has some really cool additions that have been fairly long overdue.

Release Notes:

  1. Added - CRT Effect
  2. Added - Options Menu
  3. Added - Title screen animated Press Start
  4. Added - Setting for V-Sync
  5. Added - Setting to toggle CRT Effect
  6. Added - Rebindable Input
  7. Added - Reset Input to Default button
  8. Added - Game Time tracking
  9. Added - Item Collection Rate tracking
  10. Added - Demo Completion Screen
  11. Added - In-Game Pause Screen w/ Options Menu
  12. Added - Replaced ability text with animated banner
  13. Added - Item Ability Cutscene
  14. Added - Options toggle for ability cutscene
  15. Added - Charge Beam attracts pick-up items
  16. Change - Removes some colliders in some rooms
  17. Change - Updated mini-map background sprite
  18. Change - Plasma beam piercing damage stacks
  19. Change - Updated Ability Item sprites
  20. Change - Removed DiveBat upwards attack
  21. Change - Title animations slowed down and randomized
  22. Change - Slightly increased jump height
  23. Change - Speed-boost loss on direction change (left vs right)
  24. Fixed - Missing audio on some doors
  25. Fixed - Couldn't start sprint mid-slope
  26. Fixed - Sprint cancelled after climbing slopes sometimes

Animated Press Start screen

Demo Complete Screen

Ability Item Cutscene

In-Game Pause Screen w/ Options Menu

That's it for Demo 2, work on Demo 3 starts next weekend!

P.S. I did a speedrun of the demo, beat my time if you can!

P.P.S. I benchmarked the game:

Min. Requirements (768p, 60FPS):

  • Intel Celeron N2830
  • 512MB RAM
  • 50MB HDD Space
  • Windows XP

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Dev Log #39 - It's Optional

Hello Everyone!

I've been updating the game over the weekend with some quality of life improvements, namely an Options Menu where you can toggle the CRT Filter and V-Sync on and off.

Updated the Mini Map background to make it cleaner and easier on the eyes:

Left is the new, right is the old.

The title screen has also been updated with an animated 'Press Start' button that transitions into the rest of the main menu:

That's it for now, working on more improvements!

Sunday, 31 January 2021

Dev Log #38 - It's Coyote Time!


A minor but important update just released, v2.8.2 includes a couple of fixes for Plasma Beam piercing damage calculation, along with the addition of Coyote Time (also known as Ledge Tolerance).

With Coyote Time now added to the game, it will make precision platforming more reliable as the game won't seem like it's eating inputs when you jump off the very edge of a ledge.

Known Issues in Demo 2 (v2.8.2 and prior): Playing above 120FPS can make the player stick in specific parts of the map.

Saturday, 30 January 2021

Dev Log #37 - The Prodigal Son Update

Dear Players,

It's been nearly two years since I've posted a devlog update,
but not to worry because NiTL is still in development!

Completely redone title screen

It's been a tough couple of years so far but work on the game has been slow and steady. The demos were silently updated a few times with v2.8.0 dropping last weekend. A lot of things have improved and been overhauled. Special thanks to a couple of friends giving me some much needed inspiration I'm resuming regular work on the game and will be posting more updates in the future.

Below are the release notes, I've condensed them down to the most notable changes:

General Updates:
  • Entire codebase rewritten for performance, readability
  • Updated project from Unity 2019.2 all the way to 2020.2
  • New animated Title Screen
  • Updated Credits Screen
  • Updated Game Over Screen
  • Added WSA Certification for Xbox One builds via UWP
  • System-wide optimisations, 3-4x last update's performance
  • Removed compression artifacts on some assets
  • Demo 3 map layout structure is complete

Gameplay Updates:

  • Fixed wall detection bug causing player unable to move
  • Fixed Player Run SFX playing incorrectly
  • Fixed Morph Mode bug clipping in shafts
  • Fixed Camera Fade jump when entering new rooms
  • Fixed Dive Bat slowing down when against a wall
  • Fixed Enemy player detection
  • Fixed Wall Jump freezing the game in shafts
  • Fixed Crumble Blocks not reappearing
  • Fixed Arm Cannon being mirrored when player is facing camera
  • Fixed entering credits meant you can't go back to the title screen when using a keyboard or controller
  • Wall Jumps can now be done more reliably
  • Completely overhauled Crawler AI
  • Finalized Player Ledge Grab and Climbing mechanics
  • Player Ledge Grab and Climbing Animations added
  • More reliable ground detection (Boxcast vs Raycast)
  • In-game HUD redone to make it cleaner and more readable
  • Pause Screen full navigable with Gamepad/Keyboard
  • Changed how damage knockback on player is applied
  • Increased Morph Bomb hit duration for easier bomb jumping
  • Increased Morph Bomb jump height
  • Dive Bat HP reduced from 10 to 8
  • Enemies now have terminal velocity, no longer speed up infinitely when falling
  • Added Zero Damage SFX on player attacks
  • Added Zero Damage animation for Player Beam
  • Added Zero Damage animation for Player Missiles
  • Added Save Station animation and SFX
  • Added animated Save Station prompt
  • Can now save via Gamepad/Keyboard using the save prompt
  • Plasma Beam penetration damage locked to 60 times a second, previously scaled infinitely with frame-rate

New Save Station animation and Save Prompt

Ledge Grab and Climbing Preview

It's definitely a monumental task to work on finishing the whole game, but going step by step I'll finish it eventually. I'm happy to say that the third and final demo should be finished by the end of the year, a lot of the planning is done and I've finally got some money to put a budget together for the art and audio.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Dev Log #36 - Misc Updates + Vulkan

Haven't updated in a while!
I've been silently working on the game; adding in ledge grabbing and climbing, making and then remaking the first boss along with some quality of life improvements.
I got a new laptop recently and can finally run Vulkan without crashing my computer (for some weird reason) so I decided to make a Vulkan build to try it and the game runs 150-300% faster.
I've updated all the download links in the Dev Log and page so you can download them, and I've included a set of debug options to enable and disable most of the abilities. 
The "README - DEBUG.txt" file included with all the new zipped demos contains the controls as usual as well as the debug commands so you can play around with them.
Have fun and hopefully I can make new progress on the game soon, but currently I'm very busy with work thus it'll be slow so I wanted to make at least a small update.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

New Page -

Short update between devlogs
(working on Ledge Grabbing mechanics for the player).

I created a page for NiTL on a couple days ago in hopes of better publicity and to get on more platforms because it's always a good thing to do.

The page on currently has the latest demo, which is version 2.6.3. This version is Demo 2 with some updates added to it that are intended to Demo 3.

The demo is still free, but if you want you can send a donation via before you donate. Every bit helps!

Here's the full link:

Monday, 2 July 2018

Dev Log #35 - New Pause Menu

I've finished implementing the new Status Screen, it will update as you discover and acquire new and amazing abilities for the suit, these abilities will be shown in the categorized tabs inside the Status Screen along with your health and ammo. Currently they are not able to be interacted with.

Status Screen

The transition from the Map Screen to the Status Screen and vice verse is a simple dip to black fade transition, this was just to get it working. I'll be doing a better one later when I have more important things finished and out of the way since this works fairly well.

Simple fade transition to get to the map/status screen and back

The Status Screen is accessed by either clicking the [STATUS R] button on the top right side of the screen, or if you have a controller by pressing the Right Shoulder Button. You can return to the Map Screen by repeating the action. On the top left side of the screen there's another button labeled [L RESIGN], this is used to quit the game. Make sure you saved at a Save Station otherwise you will lose any unsaved progress.

I'm looking to finish Demo 3 by the end of the year with all bells and whistles on it. So stay tuned for the occasional update.

NiTL is getting better and better every month, thanks for your continued support and I hope to present you with some more progress updates soon!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Dev Log #34 - New Beam Art

New spritework for all the different beams have been made and added to the game, check them out in action in the .gifs below!

Regular/Charged Power Beam
Regular/Charged Ice Beam
Regular/Charged Wave Beam
Regular/Charged Plasma Beam
Splitter Beam of all different beam types

This update was first publish on Patreon, support us on there to help development!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Dev Log #33 - New Year, New Demo

Happy New Year to everyone around the world,

Previously there were some big updates to the backend of NiTL which included complete overhauls to the player wall-jumping, collision, and slope detection, followed by new Crawler AI and last week two new enemies but going forward makes that seem small!
This year is going to be big for NiTL as development of the biggest demo yet rolls in, along with it's first boss enemy!

Read on for all the details, starting with a basic comparison photo:
Comparison - New Demo is nearly 3 times as big

In this photo, everything in the colour black is empty space, the white lines are just borders of the grid the maps are on, and the different colours are different areas within the map.
Now here's where I get into the numbers and stats on the maps of the demos, hold on to your butts:
First Public Demo (Infogamer Tech Demo):
  • Total Rooms: 20
  • Room size: 24x14
  • Map size: 5x4 grid
The first finished demo ever released for NiTL;
showcased at the Infogamer Reboot game expo.
Second Public Demo (v2.5):
  • Total Rooms: 62
  • Room Size: 27x15
  • Map Size: 10x12 grid
That's the currently newest available demo.
Third Public Demo (v3, in-development):
  • Total Rooms: 143
  • Room Size: 27x15
  •  Map Size: 12x15 grid
Demo currently in production.
Demo Map sizes in terms of tiles:
  • First Demo: 6720 tiles
  • Second Demo (current): 25110 tiles
  • Demo in Development: 57915 tiles
The number of tiles is calculated by multiplying the room size with the amount of rooms in the map, the number of tiles is equal to the size of the map in 16x16 pixel tile spaces (room width x room height x amount of rooms in demo).
The current demo is 374% larger than the first demo while the one in development is 231% larger than the second demo and if you compare it to the first demo then it's 862% larger.
Enemies currently in the game:
  1. Dive Bat
  2. Jumper
  3. Patrol Crab
  4. Crawler
  5. Ripper
  6. Runak
  7. Wallask
  8. Tracking Mine
  9. Spawners (and spawn)
All unique, that's 9 different types of enemies, then we have the player mechanics:

Player Mechanics:
  1. Missiles
  2. Morph Ball
  3. Morph Bombs
  4. Wall-jumping
  5. Bomb Jumping  
  6. High Jump
  7. Morph Jump 
  8. Space Jump
  9. Ice Beam
  10. Wave Beam
  11. Plasma Beam
  12. Charge Beam
  13. Splitter Beam
  14. Sprinting
  15. Speed-boosting
  16. Environmental Shield
Aside from that I'm going to add in one more enemy type, and a boss, as well as put in Ledge Grabbing/Climbing as another player mechanic.
Then on the system side, there's fully functional saving and loading via Save Stations, Mini-map, a full map screen, a pause screen, room-to-room transitions complete with fade out and fade in.
After I make the demo I'm finally gonna make a proper trailer
There's currently no set release date, but the end of May is the latest for the first version of the demo in terms of deadlines.
I'm going to be using some free assets I found on by Luis Zuno for the new demo until I can afford to commission original assets for NiTL, but in any case it's going to bring in a breath of fresh air in terms of demo areas and landscape, you're not going to be seeing the same assets over and over again for the entire demo. Eventually I'm going to be swapping out the art used in the demo.
This is also going to be the last demo, meaning that after it's done there are not going to be any more new demos with new maps but only minor updates instead, like replacing art, putting in new audio, finishing menus, etc.
With 143 rooms and a area boss in this demo, that's one sixth of the size of the final game.
Bonus points for reaching the end of the article, screenshots:
Complete map overview of Demo v2.5
Difference between Demo 1 and Demo v2.5
Demo 3 is going to dwarf them both!